The colours of life

I'm leaving the train station and walk towards a lively street in Södermalm. It’s a rainy but sunny sommer day in Stockholm.
I close my eyes and feel how the sun is touching my skin. I can sense the fresh air filled with the smell of trees, plants, terra and asphalt.

When I open my eyes I see how everything is glittering. I see a big and colourful picture framed by different shades and shapes.
Different shades of colours composed through all the people around me, standing or walking up and down the street.
I'm fascinated, no one of them looks like another and I can see the beauty in all these little things.
Some people are smaller and some are taller some have bigger or smaller lips, darker or lighter skin and different beauty patches at different spots.
Each of them contributes with a colour and looks so special and beautiful in their own particular and unique way. Suddenly I'm getting super warm and the feeling of love flows through my body.


Don’t we find the real beauty of nature in such diversity, where no one ever really resembles anyone else ?

Then where does this drive of wanting to compare, change or adapt ourselves with others originate?
Why would we rather try to adapt ourselves to others instead of preventing our precious gift of being unique in our own ways?

Do get me right, of course there is no harm in observing, adoring or getting inspired by qualities and specialties of others, but we should not judge and compare ourselves. Rather, we should learn to embrace the diversity and to love and accept ourselves with our own bodies, since we will always be different from each other anyways! There is no right and wrong, no norm describing how to be or look like, it doesn’t matter if you have one or two or none breast at all, one gen missing or too many, bigger or smaller legs.. We all are special and compose the picture of life with our individually colours. Only by combining all our different colours together we can bring light into our world. Therefore we need to defend our variation and should dare to show our real colours instead of fearing to stand out or being different from others. I mean where is the meaning of living after a norm that strives for monotony if all we are is a variation of beautiful and unique beings ?


Don’t be afraid to love and show yourself. If everyone would dare to love and be themselves we indeed could light up the world by combining all our colours. Remember there is only one who is just like YOU in this world, so dare to accept yourself so you can bloom and shine!

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    sakya van de Ruit (Donnerstag, 15 August 2019 09:26)

    It is very beautiful and completly true. It is hard to life without masks and be yourself is hard when people around you keep on being negative because your not “normal”. But everybody’s normal is a different standard anyways. The colors that you wear that day show how you feel without knowing it.

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    Johanna (Samstag, 30 Mai 2020 10:24)

    Thank you my friend! Yes that have you beautifully put <3

Johanna Hanson